The Bad Luck Wedding Series #6

The Bad Luck Brides Trilogy #1

Dear Friends,

I thought it was nonsense when the palm reader told me and my sisters that we’d been born with a bad luck love line. I paid no mind to her claim that only the truest love could overcome the family curse. After all, I was a reformed McBride Menace — it wouldn’t do for me to believe in such foolishness!

Better I had listened.

Now our family faces its biggest crisis ever, and I’ve had to turn for help to the most notorious man in town. Luke Garrett was born to be a hero — it’s such a puzzle that he ended up an outlaw. Maybe I’m foolish to trust a mysterious, alluring gunslinger to protect me as I pursue this vital quest. I don’t care that Luke has secrets — I’m willing to take the risk. As I travel the badlands of Texas, I’ll trust him to guard my person. It’s up to me to protect my heart. If only Luke didn’t appeal to the Menace in me . . .

Wish me good luck . . . I think I’ll need it!

Mari McBride