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New York Times, USA Today, & Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author

The Cowboy’s Runaway Bride


Emily March takes readers deep in the heart of Texas to a small town where mysterious stars shine light on the path for an estranged couple to find love.  This historical romance is animated by laughter, touched by tears, and provides “pure reading enjoyment” (Laurel Gainer, Affaire de Coeur).

Tess escaped a broken heart to seek hope in Aurora Springs, a town in the middle-of-nowhere Texas.   She joined this frontier settlement, filled with peculiar souls attracted to the magical lights in the sky- “The Kissing Stars.”  And she may have overcome her failed marriage, if only she hadn’t dragged that pig to the fair…

That pig dealt the final blow that brought Gabe Montana to the ground, as if the very sight of his wife wasn’t enough.  Intrigued by the secrets glistening in her eyes, he could do nothing to resist the urge to chase her back to Aurora Springs.  Redemption and healing is within their grasp, if only they could let go of the past and allow The Kissing Stars to reveal the path to love