Get ready to savor this delectable romantic treat—an audio-first novella by New York Times bestselling author Emily March!

Valentine’s Day has always meant trouble for wedding photographer Ali Lovejoy. All her worst romantic disasters have happened on V-Day, so she’s made a habit of hiding out at home in her pj’s until it’s over.  But when her best friend begs her to do an engagement photo shoot on the dreaded holiday, Ali reluctantly agrees and travels to the quaint Colorado mountain town of Eternity Springs to help her bestie.

While scouting romantic locations for the shoot, Ali is stunned to encounter a naked man skinny dipping in the hot springs.  After the most awkward meeting of her life, she eventually agrees to a Valentine’s date with the sinfully delicious stranger. Is she destined for a fresh new disaster—or will she finally find real love?

Narrated by: Jason Clarke and Andi Arndt
Publisher: Audible Originals