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Dear Readers,

Welcome to my website! My welcome note is a little longer than usual and takes up more room, so be sure to scroll down the page to explore the website.

Wow. This shelter-at-home time has been a real whirlwind for us all. I keep reminding myself to focus on the positive, but I'll admit that some days that's difficult to do.

I've been remiss in updating my website during this time, and for that, I ask your pardon. To be perfectly honest, I didn't have the heart to bother with it. It's been such a stressful time for everyone—ourselves, family, friends, co-workers, country and the world. I wondered what did I possibly have to say to my readers here? I would have whined because I was missing and fretting about my children and grandchildren, especially my brand new granddaughter who was born into this pandemic. I didn't feel right about trying to market to you about my new book TUCKER. As a March release, it too was born into a pandemic and the print sales suffered. And, like so many of you, my family has been hit with job losses. So much stress and uncertainty. Ugh.

Each of us has been affected in some way by this virus. What I could possibly say of value here?

It's taken me two months to figure out what I had to offer you. Many of you who visit this website have read at least one of my Eternity Springs books. Well, I want to take this opportunity to remind you that Eternity Springs is where broken hearts go to heal. Eternity Springs is where people are kind and the world is beautiful and most important of all, happy endings are guaranteed. If you're having one of those bad days, maybe pick up of one my books and make a quick, return visit to the mountains for a little feel good fiction.

My message to you today is that I wish for you and yours a little of that Eternity Springs healing magic during this difficult time. I hope you'll take a few minutes to explore the website. This note is longer than what I usually have here, so be sure to scroll down the page!

Let's think some Eternity Springs positive, why don't we?

Much love and wishes for continued good health,

new release



Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas
Tucker McBride is home and looking for love. Can a man who’s at home in the wilderness find his dreams the bridal salon next door?


Also Available



Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas
Jackson McBride and his two cousins need a little of that Eternity Springs magic to solve a problem deep in the heart of Texas.


Coming 12/29/2020



Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas
Now that his cousins are enjoying wedded bliss, Boone McBride is due his happily-ever-after. Can he finally find love?


Life happens, love heals. Read Emily March.

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